Jason Derulo Has Been Accused of Sexual Harassment

Singer Emaza Gibson Accuses Jason Derulo of Sexual Harassment in New Lawsuit

Singer Emaza Gibson has filed a lawsuit against Jason Derulo, accusing him of quid pro quo sexual harassment, according to NBC News. Gibson alleges that Derulo promised her a record contract, but then subjected her to aggressive behavior, unwanted invitations, and implications that she would need to have sex with him to advance her music career. Gibson is seeking damages from Derulo and his record imprint Future History, as well as Atlantic Records. In response, Derulo released a statement on Instagram denying the allegations.

Details of the Lawsuit:
Gibson, known for her part in the now-dissolved R&B girl group Ceraadi, claims that Derulo reached out to her with an invitation for a work session and later as a solo artist for a joint venture between Atlantic Records and Future History. According to the lawsuit, the deal required Gibson to create a mixtape and an album within a specific timeframe, along with a single featuring Derulo. Gibson alleges that during their studio sessions, Derulo put pressure on her for drinks and dinners and made unwanted advances.

Alleged Verbal Outbursts:
The lawsuit also alleges two instances of verbal outbursts by Derulo. The first occurred during a meeting with Atlantic Records in New York City, where Derulo invited another musician, Rosa, without informing Gibson. Gibson claims that Rosa privately implied that she was in a sexual relationship with Derulo. When Gibson expressed her surprise to Derulo’s manager, he allegedly became angry and screamed at her. Another incident reportedly took place at a Los Angeles recording session when Derulo allegedly charged at Gibson in front of others.

Gibson’s Claims and Response:
Following the incidents, Gibson says she was dropped by Atlantic and Future History in September 2022. She attempted to report Derulo’s alleged misconduct to Atlantic’s HR department, but received no response. Gibson’s lawsuit seeks damages over sexual harassment, breach of contract, failure to remedy workplace harassment, and violation of California’s civil rights act. In response, Derulo released a video statement on Instagram, denying the allegations and expressing his support for anyone pursuing their dreams.

The allegations made by Emaza Gibson against Jason Derulo in her lawsuit are serious and raise concerns about workplace harassment in the music industry. It is important to take such allegations seriously and conduct a thorough investigation. Both Derulo and Atlantic Records have yet to respond to the accusations, and the outcome of the lawsuit remains to be seen. The case highlights the importance of addressing and preventing sexual harassment in all professional settings.