Justin Bieber SLAMMED after sharing and then deleting a ‘Praying for Israel’ post which featured photo of destruction in Gaza: ‘Celebs are so out of touch’

Justin Bieber is facing backlash after posting and then deleting a ‘Pray for Israel’ post on his Instagram Stories. The post featured a photo of the destruction in Gaza, which many found to be inaccurate and inappropriate considering the context. Bieber later replaced the post with the same message, but without the photo.

Social media users were quick to criticize Bieber for his mistake, with some calling him out for being out of touch and ignorant. People expressed their frustration with celebrities who share posts without fully understanding the situation or doing proper research. They also pointed out that Bieber had previously stated he wouldn’t pick a side, but his post seemed to indicate otherwise.

Bieber’s initial post came in the wake of a deadly terrorist attack by Hamas on Israeli civilians. The attack resulted in Israel responding with air strikes on Gaza. Many celebrities, including Gal Gadot, have weighed in on the conflict, expressing their support for Israel and calling for help for those affected by the attacks.

Gadot, in particular, has been vocal about her heartbreak over the violence and urged her followers to donate to the victims. She also criticized those who react to the atrocities with justification instead of empathy, saying that propaganda works to dehumanize both Israelis and Palestinians.

The situation in Israel and Gaza remains tense, with both sides experiencing loss and devastation. Celebrities like Bieber and Gadot, who have huge followings, can have a significant impact with their statements and actions. However, it is essential for them to educate themselves and approach the conflict with sensitivity and empathy to avoid spreading misinformation or further escalating tensions.