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Princess Cruises vs Celebrity Cruises

by Melai Bautista
Comparison of Princess Cruises vs Celebrity Cruises - Which is Right for You

Are you in the midst of planning your next cruise vacation and torn between Princess Cruises and Celebrity Cruises? Look no further, as we delve into a comprehensive comparison of these two renowned cruise lines.

In this article, we will examine the history, fleet, destinations, onboard experience, dining options, itineraries and destinations, accommodations, pricing and packages offered by both Princess Cruises and Celebrity Cruises. By the end of our exploration, you will be equipped to make an informed decision on which cruise line best suits your preferences.

Princess Cruises vs Celebrity Cruises – a showdown between two industry giants offering unforgettable journeys across the seas. With each cruise line boasting a unique set of offerings, it can be challenging to determine which one is the right choice for your next adventure. Whether you are seeking luxury amenities and fine dining or immersive cultural experiences and exhilarating activities, our detailed comparison will aid in your decision-making process.

With a rich tapestry of history dating back to their inaugural voyages through present-day global operations, both Princess Cruises and Celebrity Cruises have made their mark on the cruising industry. Throughout this article, we will gain insight into their storied pasts along with exploring their current fleets and extensive array of captivating destinations. Not only will we showcase each cruise line’s remarkable ships but also highlight the diverse range of exotic locations they visit.

Stay tuned as we embark on this exciting journey to unravel every aspect of what sets Princess Cruises apart from Celebrity Cruises – from sumptuous dining options to thrilling onboard experiences and everything in between. Let’s set sail on an epic voyage filled with comparisons that will help you navigate between these two marvelous cruise lines.

Overview of Princess Cruises

Princess Cruises is one of the most well-known and established cruise lines in the world, with a rich history that dates back to 1965. The company was catapulted into the spotlight with the television show “The Love Boat,” which showcased Princess Cruises as the luxurious and glamorous way to travel by sea.

Over the years, Princess Cruises has expanded its fleet to feature 18 ships, ranging from intimate small vessels to grand cruise ships capable of accommodating over 3,500 passengers. The fleet includes iconic ships such as the Royal Princess and the Regal Princess, known for their elegance and top-notch amenities.

In terms of destinations, Princess Cruises offers an extensive array of itineraries that span all seven continents. From popular Caribbean cruises to exotic Asian voyages, passengers have a wide range of options when it comes to exploring different parts of the world. Whether travelers are seeking cultural immersion, adventure-filled excursions, or simply relaxation on pristine beaches, Princess Cruises delivers diverse destinations and experiences.

Moreover, Princess Cruises prides itself on offering a personalized approach to cruising by providing exceptional service and attention to detail. Guests can expect warm hospitality and a dedicated staff that caters to their every need throughout their voyage. With a focus on enriching activities and immersive shore excursions at each port of call, a journey with Princess Cruises goes beyond spectacular onboard amenities – it’s about creating unforgettable travel experiences that leave a lasting impression.

Onboard a Princess Cruise ship, passengers can indulge in luxurious spa treatments, enjoy dazzling entertainment shows in state-of-the-art theaters, or take part in enrichment programs such as culinary demonstrations and wine tastings. From live music performances to engaging lectures by experts in various fields, there is no shortage of entertainment options for guests of all ages.

Overview of Celebrity Cruises

Celebrity Cruises, a premium cruise line that has been in operation since 1989, offers a sophisticated and upscale travel experience to its guests. With a fleet of 14 stunning ships, Celebrity Cruises sails to over 300 destinations across all seven continents. The cruise line’s history is rooted in providing luxurious and modern experiences for travelers seeking a touch of elegance during their voyages.

The Celebrity Cruises fleet is known for its contemporary design, state-of-the-art amenities, and attentive service. From the innovative Edge series to the spacious Solstice class ships, each vessel offers a unique and stylish ambiance that sets it apart from other cruise lines. The fleet is also committed to sustainability and environmentally friendly practices, ensuring that guests can enjoy their travels while minimizing their impact on the environment.

When it comes to destinations, Celebrity Cruises offers an extensive range of itineraries that cater to diverse interests and preferences. Whether you’re dreaming of exploring the sunny Caribbean islands, witnessing the natural beauty of Alaska, or embarking on an exotic journey through Asia or South America, Celebrity Cruises has something for everyone. From iconic ports of call to off-the-beaten-path locales, these itineraries promise unforgettable experiences at every turn.

In addition to its standard cruises, Celebrity Cruises also offers expedition voyages to unique and remote destinations such as the Galapagos Islands. These immersive journeys are led by expert naturalists and offer a deeper exploration of nature and wildlife in some of the world’s most pristine settings.

With its commitment to modern luxury and global exploration, Celebrity Cruises continues to attract discerning travelers who seek refined experiences at sea. From cultural enrichment programs to culinary delights and wellness activities, the cruise line excels in providing a well-rounded vacation experience for passengers seeking sophistication and style. Ultimately, when comparing Princess Cruises vs Celebrity Cruises, travelers can expect unparalleled luxury paired with seamless service when choosing this prestigious cruise line for their next adventure.

Ship Comparison

Princess Cruises and Celebrity Cruises both boast impressive fleets of ships, each offering a unique experience to travelers. When it comes to ship comparison, there are several factors to consider, such as size, amenities, and overall atmosphere.

Size and Capacity

Princess Cruises operates a variety of ships, ranging from smaller vessels like the Pacific Princess to larger ones like the Royal Princess. The capacity of their ships can range from around 670 passengers to over 3,600 passengers.

On the other hand, Celebrity Cruises also offers a diverse fleet, with some of their smaller ships accommodating around 2,200 passengers and their larger ships holding up to 3,100 passengers. When it comes to size and capacity, both cruise lines have options for travelers looking for an intimate experience as well as those who prefer a livelier atmosphere.

Design and Style

The design and style of the ships offered by Princess Cruises tend to embrace a classic elegance with muted color palettes and traditional decor elements. In contrast, Celebrity Cruises takes a more modern approach with chic and contemporary aesthetics that appeal to sophisticated travelers. It’s important for prospective cruisers to consider their personal preferences when it comes to onboard ambiance.

Amenities and Features

Both Princess Cruises and Celebrity Cruises are known for offering an array of amenities and features on board their ships. Whether it’s relaxing at the spa, lounging by the pool, or engaging in enrichment programs like cooking classes or art workshops, travelers will find plenty to do on both cruise lines. However, Celebrity Cruises is particularly renowned for its innovative design features such as the popular Lawn Club where guests can relax on real grass at sea.

Entertainment Options

Entertainment plays a significant role in the overall cruise experience. Princess Cruises is famous for its dazzling productions at venues like the Princess Theater while Celebrity Cruises offers cutting-edge theater productions alongside unique experiences such as silent discos and immersive experiences at Eden – perfect for guests seeking something out of the ordinary.

Fleet Upgrades

In recent years both cruise lines have invested heavily in updating their fleet. For example, Princess has introduced Ocean Medallion technology throughout most of its fleet providing guests with personalized service while Celebrity has renovated staterooms on several of its ships including extending some ship cabins’ verandas which provide mesmerizing ocean views.

When it comes down to deciding between Princess Cruises vs Celebrity Cruises based on ship comparison alone; both offer excellent options tailored towards different tastes; whether you prioritize modern luxury or traditional elegance.

Onboard Experience

When it comes to the onboard experience, both Princess Cruises and Celebrity Cruises offer a wide array of amenities, activities, and entertainment options to cater to the diverse preferences of their guests. Each cruise line strives to provide an unforgettable experience for passengers, but there are distinct differences in their offerings.

Princess Cruises prides itself on providing a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere onboard. Passengers can indulge in the luxurious Lotus Spa, take a dip in one of the pools or hot tubs, or catch a movie under the stars at the open-air cinema. The line also offers engaging enrichment programs including guest speakers, cooking demonstrations, and art classes. Additionally, guests can enjoy traditional activities such as bingo, trivia nights, and live music performances throughout their voyage.

On the other hand, Celebrity Cruises is known for its modern and stylish approach to onboard experiences. The line boasts a stunning array of contemporary spaces including lawn clubs with real grass, chic lounges and bars, and sophisticated theaters hosting Broadway-style shows. Passengers can also participate in unique activities such as glassblowing demonstrations by expert artisans from the Corning Museum of Glass or interactive wine tastings led by renowned sommeliers.

In terms of entertainment options, Princess Cruises offers a variety of musical performances ranging from classical concerts to jazz bands. They also feature production shows in their theaters as well as themed parties and events throughout each sailing. On Celebrity Cruises, guests can enjoy top-notch production shows with high-energy performances and dazzling special effects. The line also hosts live music acts from solo artists to full bands across various genres.

Both cruise lines provide comprehensive fitness centers equipped with state-of-the-art facilities offering group classes like yoga and spinning. Additionally, they each offer outdoor recreational activities such as basketball courts and jogging tracks for those who like to stay active during their vacation.

Ultimately, whether travelers prefer a more traditional cruising experience offered by Princess Cruises or a contemporary approach provided by Celebrity Cruises will depend on their personal tastes and preferences when it comes to onboard amenities, activities, and entertainment options. Each cruise line has something special to offer its guests seeking an exceptional vacation at sea.

Dining Options

When it comes to dining options, both Princess Cruises and Celebrity Cruises offer a wide variety of choices to suit every palate. From casual eateries to fine dining restaurants, both cruise lines aim to provide an exceptional culinary experience for their guests. Let’s take a look at the dining options on board Princess Cruises vs Celebrity Cruises.

Main Dining Rooms

Both Princess Cruises and Celebrity Cruises offer main dining rooms where guests can enjoy delicious meals as part of their cruise package. These elegant and inviting spaces provide a chance for guests to savor gourmet dishes prepared by talented chefs. The main dining rooms on Princess Cruises are known for their traditional yet sophisticated atmosphere, while Celebrity Cruises’ main dining rooms often feature modern and stylish decor.

Specialty Restaurants

For those looking for something extra special, both cruise lines also offer a range of specialty restaurants that deliver unique and exquisite dining experiences. Princess Cruises is home to renowned venues such as the Crown Grill steakhouse and Sabatini’s Italian trattoria, while Celebrity Cruises boasts innovative dining options like Qsine, offering contemporary cuisine in an interactive and playful setting.

Buffet Options

When it comes to casual dining, both cruise lines offer extensive buffet options that cater to a wide range of tastes and preferences. From international themed nights to made-to-order stations, guests can indulge in diverse culinary offerings at the buffet restaurants on board both Princess Cruises and Celebrity Cruises.

Beverage Packages

In addition to the delectable food options, both cruise lines also provide beverage packages that include an array of drink choices ranging from wines and cocktails to specialty coffees and refreshments. Guests can opt for different packages based on their beverage preferences, providing flexibility and value during their cruise experience.

Special Dietary Needs

Catering to guests with special dietary needs is also a priority for both Princess Cruises and Celebrity Cruises. Both cruise lines offer vegetarian, gluten-free, and other dietary options across their dining venues, ensuring that every guest can enjoy delicious meals tailored to their specific requirements.

Itinerary and Destinations

When it comes to planning a cruise vacation, one of the most important factors to consider is the itinerary and destinations offered by the cruise line. Princess Cruises and Celebrity Cruises both offer an array of itineraries that cater to different preferences and interests. Let’s take a closer look at how these two cruise lines compare in terms of the destinations they visit and the itineraries they offer.

Princess Cruises boasts a diverse range of itinerary options, including cruises to Alaska, the Caribbean, Europe, Asia, Australia, and beyond. With over 380 ports of call across seven continents, Princess Cruises provides travelers with an extensive selection of destinations to explore. Additionally, Princess Cruises offers various shore excursions at each port, allowing passengers to immerse themselves in the local culture and attractions.

On the other hand, Celebrity Cruises also offers a wide variety of itineraries that span across all seven continents. Whether it’s exploring the rugged landscapes of Alaska or embarking on a luxury Mediterranean voyage, Celebrity Cruises provides guests with unique and immersive experiences at every destination. Furthermore, Celebrity Cruises prides itself on offering overnight stays in select ports to allow passengers more time to explore and experience each location.

In comparing both cruise lines’ itineraries and destinations, Princess Cruises tends to offer more traditional routes while Celebrity Cruises focuses on providing more upscale and luxurious experiences. While Princess Cruises caters to a wider audience with its diverse range of destinations, Celebrity Cruises focuses on delivering premium experiences for travelers seeking a more sophisticated vacation.

Ultimately, when choosing between Princess Cruises vs Celebrity Cruises for your next getaway at sea, consider your preferences in terms of destination diversity and onboard experience. Each cruise line offers unique itineraries tailored to different types of travelers, so finding the right fit for your travel style is essential.

Cruise Line Itinerary Options Destinations
Princess Cruises Diverse range including Alaska, Caribbean, Europe, Asia, Over 380 ports across seven continents
Celebrity Cruises Various itineraries spanning all seven continents Unique and immersive experiences at every destination


When it comes to accommodations, both Princess Cruises and Celebrity Cruises offer a range of options to suit different preferences and budgets. Princess Cruises boasts a variety of staterooms, including interior, oceanview, balcony, and suite options. The suites on Princess Cruises are known for their spaciousness and luxurious amenities, with some even featuring additional perks such as priority embarkation and disembarkation, complimentary mini-bar setup, and expansive balconies.

On the other hand, Celebrity Cruises also provides a selection of staterooms ranging from cozy interiors to lavish suites. The Suite Class accommodations on Celebrity Cruises are particularly noteworthy for their exclusive access to Luminae restaurant, a private sundeck area called The Retreat, and butler service. Additionally, the AquaClass staterooms offer a spa-inspired experience with access to the onboard Persian Garden relaxation area.

Both cruise lines prioritize comfort and luxury in their accommodations, with meticulously designed spaces that cater to the needs of travelers. Whether it’s the contemporary yet timeless decor of Celebrity Cruises or the elegant and traditional ambiance of Princess Cruises, passengers can expect thoughtfully furnished rooms with upscale touches.

In terms of onboard accommodations beyond staterooms and suites, Princess Cruises offers unique options such as their innovative OceanMedallion technology which provides guests with personalized experiences. This wearable device allows cruisers to easily navigate the ship, order food and drinks from anywhere on board, and unlock their stateroom doors without the need for key cards.

Meanwhile, Celebrity Cruises takes pride in its modern venues like The Retreat Lounge and The Retreat Sundeck available exclusively to suite guests. These areas provide an intimate escape where passengers can relax in a serene environment with personalized service and dedicated staff catering to their every need.

Ultimately, when deciding between Princess Cruises vs Celebrity Cruises for accommodations, travelers should consider factors such as room size, amenities included in each category, personal preferences for decor style, and any special perks offered exclusively for suite guests. Both cruise lines go above and beyond to ensure that passengers have a comfortable stay while sailing to breathtaking destinations around the world.

Pricing and Packages

When it comes to choosing between Princess Cruises and Celebrity Cruises, one important factor to consider is the pricing and packages offered by each cruise line. Both offer a range of promotions and value for money, but it’s essential to compare the costs and benefits before making a decision.

Princess Cruises is known for its competitive pricing and enticing promotions. The cruise line often offers early booking discounts, onboard credit deals, and reduced fares for certain destinations and sailings. Additionally, Princess Cruises frequently provides package deals that include airfare, hotel stays, and other amenities, offering added value for passengers.

On the other hand, Celebrity Cruises also has a range of promotions and packages designed to provide excellent value for money. From onboard credits to beverage packages and discounted fares for specific dates or itineraries, Celebrity Cruises ensures that passengers have access to appealing offers that enhance their cruising experience.

When comparing the pricing and packages offered by Princess Cruises vs Celebrity Cruises, it’s important for prospective cruisers to consider the overall value they will receive. While one cruise line may have lower base fares, the inclusion of amenities such as free Wi-Fi, specialty dining options, or shore excursions in another cruise line’s package could result in a better overall value.

Furthermore, it’s essential for travelers to look beyond the initial cost of the cruise and consider any additional expenses they may incur during their vacation. This includes gratuities, shore excursions, specialty dining fees, and alcoholic beverages. By factoring in these potential costs when comparing pricing and packages between Princess Cruises and Celebrity Cruises, passengers can make a more informed decision about which cruise line offers the best overall value for their preferences and budget.


In conclusion, both Princess Cruises and Celebrity Cruises offer unique experiences and advantages, making it a tough decision for travelers to choose between the two. Both cruise lines have a rich history, impressive fleets, and an array of fascinating destinations. However, after thoroughly comparing various aspects of these two cruise lines, it is clear that each has its own set of strengths and weaknesses.

When looking at the ship comparison, it is evident that both Princess Cruises and Celebrity Cruises offer modern and luxurious vessels with a wide range of amenities. The onboard experience on both cruise lines is equally impressive, with top-notch entertainment options and exciting activities for every type of traveler.

When it comes to dining options, Princess Cruises and Celebrity Cruises both excel in providing a variety of delicious culinary experiences for their guests.

In terms of itinerary and destinations, Celebrity Cruises offers a larger number of diverse international destinations compared to Princess Cruises. On the other hand, Princess Cruises specializes in cruises to intriguing ports around the world with an emphasis on immersive shore excursions.

Accommodation wise, both cruise lines provide comfortable staterooms, elegant suites, and exceptional onboard accommodations that cater to various preferences.

Regarding pricing and packages, while both cruise lines offer competitive rates and promotions from time to time, the overall value for money may vary depending on individual preferences.

Ultimately, when choosing between Princess Cruises vs Celebrity Cruises, travelers must consider their personal preferences for itinerary destinations, onboard experience priorities such as entertainment or dining options, as well as their budget constraints. It’s crucial for potential cruisers to carefully weigh all the factors discussed in this comparison before making an informed decision based on their specific needs and desires for their ultimate cruising experience.

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