Shawn Levy talks being in Taylor Swift’s Chiefs-Jets suite

Being in Taylor Swift’s suite at MetLife Stadium was a “frenzy” according to filmmaker Shawn Levy, who had the opportunity to witness the Kansas City Chiefs facing off against the New York Jets from a private box. Levy, who is known for directing movies like “Night at the Museum” and the Netflix series “Stranger Things,” shared his experience of being in the star-studded suite with Variety.

Levy revealed that he was invited to the game by Ryan Reynolds, his close friend and frequent collaborator. Reynolds and his wife, Blake Lively, are also good friends with Taylor Swift, which is why Levy got the chance to be in the suite. According to Levy, Swift is a “culture magnet” unlike anyone he has ever seen. He was aware that there might be other famous people in the suite, but he was not prepared for the attention and pandemonium that ensued.

While inside the suite, Levy was conscious of the fact that they could be constantly watched by cameras due to the presence of famous faces. He joked that even if he were to make 50 more hit movies and shows, he would still be known as “the guy in the orange suede jacket going to the Chiefs-Jets game with Taylor and others.”

Levy’s experience aligns with recent comments made by Travis Kelce, the boyfriend of Taylor Swift. Kelce criticized the NFL for overdoing their coverage of celebrities attending games. He expressed concern that people might end up looking like fools if they were caught doing something embarrassing on camera. Kelce’s brother, Jason Kelce, added that the NFL should take lessons from basketball on how to handle celebrity attendance at games.

Taylor Swift’s relationship with Travis Kelce has garnered a lot of attention, with her attendance at Chiefs games causing a commotion online. It has even led to a significant increase in the sales of Kelce’s jersey. Despite the newfound attention, Kelce has shared that he feels on top of the world and is enjoying his romance with Swift.

Sources close to the couple have revealed that their relationship is still new, but both Swift and Kelce are reportedly smitten with each other. They are taking things day by day, but Swift has high hopes for their future together.

Overall, being in Taylor Swift’s suite at the football game was an exciting and overwhelming experience for Shawn Levy. Despite his successful career as a filmmaker, he recognizes that this outing will likely be what he is remembered for, rather than his work. The presence of celebrities at sporting events has sparked discussions about the appropriate amount of coverage they should receive, as seen from Travis Kelce’s recent comments.