Travis Kelce’s mom Donna says Taylor Swift attention ‘feels like an alternate universe’

Donna Kelce, mother of Kansas City Chief’s football player Travis Kelce, has been thrust into the spotlight due to speculation about her son’s rumored romance with pop star Taylor Swift. In an interview with CNN, Donna Kelce acknowledged the curiosity surrounding her son’s personal life but maintained her commitment to privacy.

Donna Kelce stated that she doesn’t talk about her son’s love life and prefers to stay out of it, recognizing that it is a personal matter. However, she admitted that it’s difficult to completely detach herself from the public’s interest, especially when it comes to rumors about Travis Kelce dating Taylor Swift.

While neither Travis Kelce nor Swift have confirmed the nature of their relationship, there have been several instances that have fueled speculation. For instance, Travis Kelce admitted to fumbling giving his number to Taylor Swift, and Swift has attended two of his football games. Furthermore, Donna Kelce was photographed sitting with Swift at these games, adding to the speculation.

Donna Kelce expressed that the attention surrounding her son’s love life has been overwhelming. She compared it to being in an alternate universe, feeling like she has crossed into another dimension. Despite the media frenzy, she understands why people are interested and acknowledges that individuals may want to capitalize on the situation.

Travis Kelce and his brother Jason Kelce recently criticized the NFL, believing that the league is overdoing it in terms of capitalizing on the possible romance with Swift. The NFL responded by stating that the buzz surrounding the two stars represents the intersection of sports and entertainment, resulting in a positive response from fans.

As for future game attendance, Donna Kelce mentioned that she tries to divide her time equally between her sons’ games when they are playing at their home stadiums. However, with Travis Kelce’s upcoming game against the Minnesota Vikings, she won’t be present. Instead, she plans to watch both games at a bar with multiple screens while enjoying some of her purse snacks, which she promotes through the Kind limited-edition designed Donna’s Purse Snacks.

Emphasizing the importance of family, Donna Kelce was asked about her expectations for a potential daughter-in-law. She responded by saying that whoever Travis loves is acceptable to her, as long as he is happy.

In conclusion, Donna Kelce, the matriarch of the Kelce family, finds herself in the midst of a media frenzy surrounding her son’s alleged romance with Taylor Swift. While she prefers to keep her son’s personal life private, she recognizes the public interest and supports Travis’s happiness above all else.