WGA Silence on Israel Attacks Called Out Publicly By Showrunners – Deadline

Over a week after Israel was brutally attacked by Hamas terrorists, a number of showrunners today publicly called out the Writer’s Guild for their silence on the matter.

Today, in an open letter posted to Medium, senior showrunners expressed disappointment that the WGA has not spoken.

“When it comes to taking a stand, the Writers Guild of America has always led by example. When employers sought to exploit our work, the Guild bravely spoke up. When the BLM movement took flight, the Guild rightfully spoke up. When the #MeToo reckoning came and Hollywood needed to change, again the Guild spoke up.

“But when terrorists invaded Israel to murder, rape, and kidnap Jews… the Guild stayed silent.”

The letter was signed, “Writers Speak Out” and attached signatures from more than 60 prominent showrunners, including Eli Roth, Gideon Raff, Amy Chozick. Ellen Rapoport, and Graham Yost, among others.

A number of senior showrunners have also been reaching out to WGA leaders over the past week about the guild’s lack of a public statement, we hear. Those individuals were informed that there was a “process” which the Guild had to go through to make any such political statement.

The WGA’s lack of a public statement follows both the DGA and SAG-AFTRA making statements in support of Israel and condemning the violence against Israelis in the past few days.

“SAG-AFTRA deplores and condemns the horrific acts of aggression against the Israeli people on Oct. 7,” bluntly said the 160,000-member strong guild Friday. “The attack was a fundamental violation of human rights and dignity,” the guild added. “There is no justification for the murder and kidnapping of civilians. We mourn the loss of life and urge the safe return of those who are missing and held hostage. We stand united against hatred and violence and pray for peace.”

Friday’s comment by SAG-AFTRA echoes in many ways what the Directors Guild of America put out on October 11, one of the first of what is now many Hollywood groups and studios to offer their support for the Jewish state and condemn the killing of more than 1,200 Israelis and foreign nationals by Hamas.

“The DGA unequivocally condemns terrorism and joins the many voices in our community decrying the recent Hamas terrorist attacks in Israel and violence against innocent civilians,” the union said this week. “We stand against the growing spread of antisemitism here in the U.S. and abroad, and remain committed in our actions, words and deeds to supporting the Jewish people.”

The WGA is now the only major creative guild in Hollywood to have not made a statement in support of Israel and condemning the violence.

The WGA did not respond to Deadline request for comment. We will update If and when they do.